Forget budget orientation. Welcome to desire driven shopping.

If you are interested in a certain product you see in Allyos simply tap on its picture and you will be taken to the full product details page. Here, you can check all the available pictures about the product, below the full product or “campaign” current status, and below that some advanced details like your total added funds to this item, the “Auto-in” feature if is on or off, and the product category segment and tags. Scrolling down you see all the available delivery options for that certain item, it is sometimes collectable at location, sometimes only available by delivery depending on the product. Almost all the time shipping fees are included in the target price. The target price is actually contains a lot of things, so normally you have no more expenses if you win an item (except customs in case). The target price is a fair average global retail price, including all expenses, and including the 1% weekly worldwide charity and 1% Allyos members charity amount. Scrolling down more you can read the full product specifics and details. The whole Allyos concept was created to meet with several requirements, therefore we do not ruin the market by fighting for the cheapest price. We ask the producers and distributors for a comfortable price, thus they can keep their full workforce or even hire more people with higher salary as we let their profit margin grow. And at the same time, as the expenses are split among the crowd, you as a user can get the best possible deals at the end. See, letting companies grow, offering users the cheapest access to goods and giving out 1% continuously for a good cause is what we call win-win-win shopping.



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