Time is money

Most importantly, Allyos has created the most balanced and equal ecosystem among its users. Forget slow and old gold & silver. Forget volatile, digital and math-based blockchain, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. Not that they are not great for their own purpose but the solution has been with us all the time… Yes, it’s Time. Remember: “time is money”. And everyone on this planet has always had and will always have the exact same time. No matter who you are, where you from, where you heading to, you got 24 hours a day. That’s all. Time doesn’t care who you are. Well, in Allyos – anything can be yours for a dollar, and 1 hour of your lifetime is worth exactly $1. Here is an example. You fall in love with an iPhone 7 in the app. You see its price, its current funded rate and the remaining time for all participants to fulfil the price. Basically, all the regular “crowdfunding” details. You tap the green “In” button and it adds immediately 1 dollar to the product which counts into it and you see all the changes on the screen instantly. You will notice one more thing right away, by adding $1 to any products you are blocked out from that very same item for 1 hour. Just like anyone else participating in the same item and added $1. You can, of course, crowdfund any other product in the list you like, but with this particular iPhone in the example we use you can add another dollar after the 60 minutes is down, and only while the remaining time the product is on offer. So, when you top up your balance in the Allyos app, you buy time.
Simple: 1 USD = 1 hour.



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