Your Profile

The app menu shows you all you need to know or track. Inside your Profile Menu you find a completely individual personal profile report with your current position and current status level. Career building is an option in Allyos from the first level all the way up to the top 6th level, but it is not a necessity. Status levels come with extra features and ultimate accesses to limited edition or rare items for example, and the biggest hit is that as you climb levels you even get an instant income making option in a form of a single button. Not much hassle, right?

The Wallet

My Wallet menu contains all your topups, incoming and outgoing transactions with all details including all the products you have won. It works like a regular bank statement. And as you remember, if you did not win you did not lose, you get your discounts. Meaning if you haven’t been raffled in a successfully crowdsourced product campaign your discount vouchers are automatically collected here so you can keep an eye out whenever you wish to use them.


The Inbox collects all the system notifications and important messages.


You might want to check daily the Toplist menu as the full member ranking is there and they all participating in the big 1% daily sales giveaway among the current top users, based on their actual profile. Believe us, it is awesome stuff, but to get more info you need to check out the app yourself.

Today Charity

Today Charity menu is the whole collection of Allyos Charity structure. You find the current weekly global charity partner who gets 1% of Allyos total sales at the end of the week, and you can vote any good cause for next week. Whoever you want or feel close to your heart, it is your voice, the crowdpower’s choice. You also find here the current voted Allyos Personal Profile that gets another 1% of the total daily sales dedicated to the top Allyos users based on the Toplist rank. And, the Special Event charity, which gets another 1% of the monthly sales if selected by the members, by you. It can be a natural disaster, a catastrophe or even some kind of war attack, public shock, Allyos and the Crowd is here to help with every day crowdshopping.


You might be asking, hey, what about those big green figures? The green glowing number is your current available balance. That weird dollar-like sign is Allyos’s dedicated and patented app token sign called: indollar. As you might recall, 1 USD topup equals 1 IND (indollar) which equals 1 Hour. The reason we built time limit into the whole concept as a backbone is very simple and based on several reasons. Time is the most precious human asset in life as it is scarce by nature. Everyone has a finite supply of time. You can’t mess with time, no one has control over it, and everyone has a ledger: your watch. Time is above human law, it is decentralized and global, time isn’t subject to any country, politician or bank. Time can’t have debt crisis or inflation, can’t be manipulated and time is not volatile at all. With time there is no counterparty risk and it has everyone’s trust. That is why we chose to have time as our “blockchain” in the app. And this is why we never plan to take Allyos as a company to IPO – to Wall Street like Snapchat, Amazon or Facebook. You see what happens when investors’ satisfaction and growing sales is the main target. Users always suffer one way or the other, as no one cares about them anymore. However, looking at the interesting and hugely potential mix of our “Time as blockchain” system with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, we might be in the works of starting an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) with our own wallet coin the Indollar which worth $1 in the app guaranteed, and maybe all members can get it based on their time… Stay tuned or become an insider, the future is the crowd, and this future is bright.



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