Giving back. Together, Stronger

Allyos combines shopping bliss with philanthropy magically in several ways

Worldwide Charity

1% weekly sales goes to a good cause users voted for.

From day one, charitable activities and the support of noble causes have been a fundamental part and first priority of the Allyos concept. Every week a new charity will be chosen in the app „Today Charity” menu by the users and 1% of the total sales of the week from items will be donated to them.  Every week a new charity will be chosen and 1% of total sales from items will be donated to the charity. With big ticket items up for grabs, chosen charities could be seeing hundreds of dollars from just one sale, so even when a user only pays $1 for a deal, they could be helping raise thousands for the chosen charity.


Allyos Charity

1% weekly total sales goes to Allyos users.

Similarly to the above feature Allyos integrated its own charity or supporting model for the users thus creating and building a strong community. Based on your in-app activity shown in the Profile section, every week users will be receiving 1% of the total sales into their wallet. It’s all can be tracked in the hall of fame „Toplists” menu where user activity is logged in five categories. Every user can vote a category of choice, and the winner category gets 1% of sales.

Special Events

Helping where and when needed the most.

Giving back to the community does not stop there, Allyos members can also be part of the support for major disasters and other catastrophic events, assisting in fast relief for those in need whenever it needs. In these tough times every little help counts. If we cannot be there supporting the rescue, we can help the dedicated professional teams at location.

It’s your time now

If you are a non-profit organization, a charity foundation with basically any profile, please be so kind and send us a few words about you and your mission, so we can get back to you. Also, contact us on social so we can co-operate openly.

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