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 You Have Arrived

You either have been using Allyos for a while and know the unlimited possibilities, or you will just start and will be amazed. Either way, here are the most innovative, revolutionary and disruptive facts about Allyos:

  • Get anything for a dollar if you were drawn
  • If you were not drawn in a successful campaign, you get your discount voucher for the item starting from 2% off, so no one loses
  • If a product is not 100% funded and time is up, everyone gets their money back
  • Every week a good cause of Allyos crowd’s choice gets 1% of the weekly sales
  • Another 1% of sales goes to the Allyos community, so you get a small share

But this is far from all…

The Advanced User

Make a living, the complete ecosystem, way of life.

Once you will be using the app continuously, you will notice several exciting options. One very noticeable is in your „Profile” menu, as all new users start at Level 1, status as Privileged Member. There are currently 6 Profile levels with different features, accesses and options as you climb up the levels. The system evaluates your activity within the app and you get your profile scores. Profile scores are measured and counted in your Profile page and valued in the “Toplists” menu for all members and the best always get their rewards. So, some of the extra features of becoming an advanced user and build a career:

  • Level 1-6 statuses come with more and more features
  • Building a career in the app brings respect in the community
  • Higher status levels getting bigger parts of the Toplists weekly rewards
  • You can earn a nice weekly income based on your status
  • Getting access to the Restricted Section based on your profile level
  • Restricted Sections contain more and more exciting, unique and limited edition or rare items
  • You will be able to direct donate to current charities
  • Access to more „Friend Invitations” topped up with Indollar, so you can invite and gift your friends. Kind of affiliate program.
  • Cashing-in on items, meaning you can get 50% the price of an item you won added to your wallet
  • Making money from Level 4 or if you are in an „inactive country”
  • Getting Bitcoin to your crypto wallet

Inactive Market

If we are not there yet, you can relax.

Inactive Market is a country where Allyos is not partnered 100% yet with all the producers, brands and distributors locally or at least on the continent. Allyos focuses first on North America (USA, Canada) and North Europe (UK, Ireland) as our product sources are currently established the best here, and we are growing from here. If you happen to be outside of these locations, nothing to worry about. You can download the app, use the app, upload your wallet, participate in deals, collect your discounts, but when you win an item, the system will notify you about the approximate extra charges of shipping the goods to you with all costs. By default, if you are in an Active country, where Allyos’ product sources are already well established, shipping and handling is Free, you always see the final total price as the campaign „target price”. So, you have 3 options from here:

Accept: you take it. You are happy with this example of putting $5 into a Sports car, and paying an extra $7000 for customs and shipping, thus getting an $80.000 worth car for $7005 totally.

Decline: you don’t want it. You decline your prize, the system draws another participant in the campaign.

Split: you select „Split”, so we split the price equally, no hassles here. You get 50% of the price of the won item immediately credited into your wallet, and the system automatically restarts the same campaign. Using the same example of the Sports car, you just made $40.000 (Indollar) to your wallet. That’s like 40.000 stuff in Allyos next time.


Source of income. The big money maker.

You got the idea of Split from the above explanation. From Level 4, this feature becomes default, so you will be offered this option every time you were drawn. Below Level 4 you only have two options: Accept or Decline. But now you have a third option – cash the item! When cashing an item, Allyos doesn’t send the item to you but immediately pays you 50% of the target price in INdollar. And you can keep carry on with opting in on any listings.

Get Free Bitcoin

Bitcoin making without mining.

Can Allyos top all of the above so far? Hell we can! The possibilities are limitless. Here is another really advanced hardcore stuff. What if we tell you that there is a feature in Allyos that gives you Bitcoin every time you win an item? Check this out. With Allyos, you have no need for high tech, expensive computer power for mining Bitcoin, nor you need to know any techie stuff. Allyos allows you to all this by a touch on your screen, for free. By Splitting an item, by default 50% of the item price is yours. But, if you are at „CryptoCreator” level, you have the option of getting this 50% stake in both Bitcoin and Indollar. Again, let us give you a simple example:

  1. You won an item worth $100.000
  2. You are at the CryptoCreator level when you can split , so you select „CryptoSplit”
  3. $50.000, so 50% would be credited to your wallet in Indollars
  4. But, at this level, you can chose to get 10%, 20%, 30% of this amount exchanged to Bitcoin and withdraw it to your own private crypto wallet (like Coinbase, Bittrex, Bitstamp or anywhere you have your wallet)

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