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Every item price is divided into 1 USD deposits. All item is up for a fixed price and has to be collected from the deposits.

Overfunding is impossible. All item is up for limited time to be filled with the 1 USD deposits. Everyone is limited with 1 USD/ 1 hour / 1 item.

When price is collected in time, one depositor is randomly selected and wins the item. If price is not collected in time everyone gets the money back.

If you are not the lucky one selected you lose nothing. You get your deposit back in discount collected in the app and can spend it later.

Simply all Yours – Allyos. All this in a simple and amazing free mobile app for Android and iOS. Minimum top up is 10 USD.

The best way to shop

Win a brand new

iPhone X 64GB Silver

By dividing up the price of all products equally and levelling the playing field You can win luxurious items in every hour. Entry is 1 USD.

  • 24%

264 USD deposit collected

Target price is 1100 USD








time left to collect the price.

*Example from Allyos App.

“ How cool it would be if there was a shopping app where multiple people could put together the funds for goods and services, which would then be randomly given to lucky individuals, making it so that everyone would have the same chance to win something amazing and otherwise unreachable. Top of that you have money back quarantee. Glad to announce such an app exists. “

David Johnson

David Johnson

Author, Writer, Tech Analyst

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Budgeting is history, Smart Social Shopping is the future. Join the Desire Driven Shopping community. You can’t lose. If reaching your dreams worth one dollar to you that you get back in discount, so you have no risk sounds too good to be true, then join and feel it.

Features And Benefits

Future of Shopping

Future of Shopping

There are faster ways if you willing to pay the full price. But Smart Social Shopping by Allyos is clearly the best and smartest way of shopping.



Due to the patented and universal Time Limit System 24 everyone is equal as everybody has 24 hours a day.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

You can’t lose. You either win your dream, get your money back or collect discounts on your favourite loved items.

Free Shipping, Free App

Free Shipping, Free App

International shipping is always included in the target price that needs to be collected. Zero risk, downloading the app is free.

Join & Try

Join and Try
the Beta App

See how it works, create your Allyos Profile, check the premium products, select your loved ones and post your feedback. Relax, can’t break it.

App launch in the App Stores is scheduled for different dates based on location.
Please come back later and check our social sites to be updated.

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