In simple terms think of it as “Everything Raffle App”, where every item is tokenized and 1 ticket costs $1.

Your access to a new level of lifestyle to get your dreams in a mobile application on both Android and iOS.

Once the item price collected, one participant is raffled and wins the item. We call this: CrowdShopping.

All items can be joined for $1 and even when you aren’t the one drawn, you get your discount voucher starting at 2% and building up from there, collected in the app.

Thanks to the patented Time Limit System, Allyos has levelled the playing field, everyone is equal, and overfunding is impossible.

Pick A Dream

Get access to a completely new level of lifestyle in a form of a mobile application on both Android and iOS.

In very simple terms think of it as “Everything Raffle 2.0 App”, where every item is tokenized and 1 ticket costs 1$.

Once the item price collected, one participant is raffled and wins the item. We called it: CrowdShopping.

All items can be joined for $1 and even when you aren’t the one drawn, you get your discount voucher starting at 2% and building up from there, collected in the app.

Thanks to the patented Time Limit System, Allyos has levelled the playing field, everyone is equal, and overfunding is impossible.

What it does?
What it does?
#Allyos – All Yours. Simple.

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How it works?

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A little mistake you are making costing you thousands right now

What you’ve been doing until now is very odd and obsolete. Why? Simply because it requires you to come up with full funds and you don’t get much benefits or leverage, not to mention there is no fun at all. In fact, your current budget always limits your feature needs.

What you’ll do tomorrow

Are you ever insecure in a shop? Forget it! Allyos provides a solution based on the well known tombola idea that we called CrowdShopping. Allyos simply offers top brands and products that many people love and want, sets the fair price that needs to be collected, sets the timeframe it is on offer, and collects all the interested buyers with at least 1 dollar in hand. That 1 dollar is your ticket, your chance to your dreams.

How Allyos improved many lives in 1 hour

Worst case? You get your money back in discounts. How about that for a lifestyle. You can opt-in on everyday and luxury items, including cars, jewellery, electronics, beauty, travel, services, gift cards, homes, you name it! The amount you opt-in with is the amount you pay if you are drawn.

24 Hours. The Greatest Balancer.

Time is money they used to say. Take it a step further, Allyos provides equal opportunity for every shopper to get in on a deal by blocking users from adding more money for an hour on the same item. This is our Time Limit System, based on the million year fact that everyone has 24 hours a day. This prevents from overfunding, as you can add only $1 in every hour to the same item, or $24 per day. Making this clear, Allyos has its dedicated in-app wallet currency, the Indollar (IND), which is pegged to 1 USD when you top up your balance. Afterwards, it is pegged to time, 1 Indollar equals 1 Hour.

Here is an example

All you do is tap the IN button.

You fall in love with a car in the app.


You see its price, its current funded rate and the remaining time for all participants to fulfil the price. We call these the campaign details.

You tap the green “In” button and it adds immediately 1 dollar from your app wallet to the product which counts into it and you see all the changes on the screen instantly. You just bought your first tombola ticket in this campaign, you are in the game.

Here is an example


All you do is tap the IN button.

You will notice one more thing right away, by adding $1 to any products you are blocked out from that very same item for 1 hour. Just like anyone else participating in the same item and added $1.

You can, of course, get in to any other product in the list you like but with this particular car in the example you need to wait 60 minutes. Note, keep an eye on the campaign expiration, as every item is on offer for a certain limited time until it gets raffled.

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Screenshots of The App

Screenshots of The App

Discover the fortune and joy that lies hidden in this Free Limited Time offer. Download the App now!

Is a life of a child worth a dollar to you?

1% total sales is dedicated to charity weekly 

Don’t you want to help those in need and improve our society globally? Allyos is dedicated to support, so the life-changing benefits don’t stop at the purchaser. Every week a charity is chosen by You and 1% of total weekly sales is donated to that good cause. It does not cost you an extra penny. With big-ticket items raffled through the app these organizations see thousands of dollars coming their way.

It’s a shame for you not to take advantage of reaching your goals with Allyos

Another 1% of total sales is yours. A source of income.


Surprised? Don’t be. Allyos is just as dedicated and thankful to our clients and community as to charities and equality. Therefore we always share the success with You, so 1% of total weekly sales is spreaded between the app users. Think of it as stock dividend or another source of income for you. The bigger we grow as a nation, the bigger your funds get. Have we mentioned career building and getting Bitcoin and other cryptos without mining? Get In and get going!


Futuristic tombola with clear chances, the easiest way to your dreams


Ready for iPhone and Android


FREE Lite version to check all the features and try the app


Any deal can be joined for 1$, so you can get anything for a dollar


Everybody is equal due to the patented time limit


Access to a completely new level of lifestyle


If you are not the winner, you get your money back in a form of a discount voucher collected in the app


Discounts start at 2%


Reach the best possible deals on luxury items, guaranteed


1% of total sales goes to charity weekly


1% of total sales spreaded across users weekly


Getting Started
How can I participate in Allyos?
You need to have Indollar in your wallet. 1 Indollar equals 1 USD. If you haven’t received Indollar from a friend as an invitation gift, you need to top-up your wallet in the app.

How can I top up my wallet?
You can top-up your balance on or within the application either using any major credit or debit cards, or even with popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Dash.

Can I use the Allyos app without Indollar or without topping-up my wallet?
Yes, you actually can. The Allyos app is Free, you can dowload it, take a look around how things look and work, see all the products, but to get a chance winning or buying any product you must have at least 1USD/1Indollar in your wallet

Is this gambling?
No, not at all. This is a totally new concept and the first in the world and we called it Crowdshopping. Basically a trendy and luxurious products and services backed crowdfunding application.

Some listings expire in 1 hour, some in 24 hours, some later. Why?
There is a time limit for each listings and it’s based on their price. It is part of the Crowdshopping concept in order to be the most equal and fair. Allyos is not a gambling or beting app, so it involves certain innovative rules.

Can I suggest an item to win?
Sure. We’d love to hear from you. Hit us up on social media and suggest anything you would love to get for $1 in Allyos.

Are the items covered by warranty?
Every item is covered by the regular manufacturer/factory warranty.

Who do I file a warranty claim?
If you have a warranty issue, please always file your claim first in email to If the item received is defected or you received an unwanted item, we must be notified as soon as possible, so we can take the necessary actions. If you have a warranty claim, we can provide you with the receipt of the item, which will let you file a claim with the manufacturer. Please note that Allyos is not a web shop, by the law we are not obliged to provide warranty cover for any goods.

Do I have to pay tax, customs etc., if I win?
Normally you don’t. If your shipping address or collection point is in an „active country”, meaning Allyos infrastructure is 100%, all fees are included. If your shipping address is in an „inactive country”, meaning our system is not complete there yet, you might be charged for shipping and customs. In such case, our system will promptly notify you in advance so you can decide.

Can’t I just buy your goods?
Unfortunately no, Allyos is not a webshop. It’s the first Crowdshopping app, so you need to participate in the goods you wish to have.

How often do you re-list an item?
That really depends on the popularity and the stock level of the item. Popular items however will be listed more frequently and automatically.

General Questions
I won an item, but I hate the color / size / etc. Can you send another one which fits my needs?
Unfortunatelly no. You must pay attention to the item description before you opt in on a deal. We only list items that are available at the manufacturer currently.

Can I use Allyos for earning money?
You actually can! This is one of the advanced features of Allyos. When you reach level 5 or above, any winning can be traded for Indollars that you can use again in the app. Once such case occur, you will have to decide whether you accept the item or you want to trade it („re-load” it back to the system). If you re-load it, your wallet will be funded by 50% of the product price. Here is an example, let’s say you were raffled for a premium smartphone with $1000 price. But, you have one already, or you just don’t want it. At this level, you will be asked by the app if you wish to re-load it. If you select yes, 50% of the item price, in this case $500 is yours!

Can I suggest a charity organisation?
Sure. We’d love to hear that. You may send your suggestions to or hit us up on social media.

If I don’t want to use the app any more, what will happen to my wallet balance?
We would really sorry to see you leave, as Allyos is the crowd, and the crowd needs you.

In case of account removal you will have 2 options

  1. We can transfer back your Indollars in $(USD) to a given bank account. Or,
  2. You can transfer your wallet to a friend or relative as a gift

Can my Allyos account be inherited? / Can I set a beneficiary for my account?
Yes, you can. In such case always contact our support team on

About The App
If I opt in on a deal with more than a dollar, will my chance of winning increase?
It sure will. It’s simple math. For instance, if there is a smartphone for $800 and you get in with $1, your chances are 1:800. But, if you get in with $2 into the same deal, you just doubled your chances to 1:400. Easy. If you fancy, turn the „auto-in” on to maximise your chances while you sleep!

Is there always a winner?
Yes, sure there is. If the target price of a product/campaign complete in time, one participant is raffled and everyone else get their discount voucher. If, a campaign target price is not collected fully in time, that campaign gets cancelled, all participants get their funds back, and the system re-starts the campaign automatically while stocks last.

If I don’t win, will I get a refund?
If you aren’t the lucky one in a successful campaign, you will receive a discount voucher. The initial discount starts at 2% and building from there by 0.1% for the same item. Please note that this initial discount might vary per campaigns, and at certain levels it will get an expiry date.

I am under 18. Can I still use the app?
You can use the app as it is free, but for topping-up your wallet and getting an item delivered you must confirm your age and it must be between 18 and 70 years.

Can I withdraw money from my wallet?
No, you cannot. However, if you decide to close your account, we will refund your balance to your personal bank account. Please note that we can only refund you your initial payments and NOT the winnings. After closing an account, all your winnings will be forfeited!

How do I redeem my discount?
If you are interested in buying the goods on the discounted price, simply check your current discount rate for the product in your wallet and click the “Buy it now” button.

What’s behind the “Restricted Section”? I can’t see it. When does it become available?
As you climb the different status levels in the app, every level grants access to a new Restricted Section level. What’s behind it? It is restricted. You will see once you reach it. 🙂

I can’t log in.
Please send us an email to

I forgot my password.
Open the Allyos App and tap the “Forgot password” next to the padlock icon and enter the email address you used upon registration. We will send you a link to reset it along with your „personal secret question” as a two level authentication.

Shipping And Delivery
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we do, however if your shipping address is in a soon-to-open country („inactive country”), you’ll be charged for shipping and liable to pay for customs, too. In such case, before dispatching your item, we will notify you about the approximate additional charges.

How long does it take to have my winning delivered? Who does the shipping? Can I track a package?
If you cannot collect your item and selected one of the shipping methods, our system will notify you about the expected dispatch timeframe. Depending on the item and producer location or the warehouse, shipping can take from 5 to 30 days. You will be notified when the item is shipped and will be provided with a tracking number so you can follow it up.

If I change my mind, can I return my winning? Will you buy it back from me?
After winning an item, you’ll be asked to confirm your winning. After that point there is nothing we can do about it. It’s all yours.

Can’t find what you are looking for?
Don’t worry, feel free to drop us a line, check us on social, or join our community!


Can’t find what you are looking for?
Don’t worry, feel free to drop us a line, check us on social, or join our community!


What Clients say

Just love it. Awesome design, stylish, simple, and I will never pay full price again! LOL.

– Amanda, Germany –

 Ingenious, truly. A common concept in simple form. Funny that it really gives you the chance to get anything for just 1 dollar.

– Brian, UK –

Once I figured out Allyos and what it does I was totally amazed! I was like Woow! First app that takes me away from Facebook.

– Helen, USA –


  •  From the second year

  • Cancel anytime. 2 years Money Back Guarantee.


  • From the second year

  • Cancel anytime. 2 years Money Back Guarantee.


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