It is very simple. 1% of the total weekly sales is sent to the chosen charity. In numbers, if the current weekly sales is 1 million USD then 10.000 USD is donated to the charity you and all the members voted for the previous week. They are not selected by us, Allyos is you, Allyos is the crowd, and the crowd decides always what they want. Let it be the charity partner for next week or the new products listed in the app, your voice and vote matters. And we count on it.
As a real life example imagine this scenario: You added $10 to a brand new shiny and sporty $100K priced car. You have been raffled as the winner, so you get the BMW delivered or you choose to collect it personally. You are happy. Like very happy. But, it’s not just you. In this case, 1% of that sale, so $1000 added to the current weekly good cause. Hey, you just helped donating $1000 dollar to a cause or organization with great, dedicated and awesome team behind by spending $10 and getting yourself a brand new car. Well done!



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