The Next Generation of Shopping is here.

Allyos gives you the chance of getting anything for a dollar in a stylish mobile app.

A Dollar For Anything

The biggest innovation of the decade,  the first trendy and luxury products and services-backed crowdfunding mobile application. An ingenius concept that provides you the opportunity to buy a new car, home, smartphone, watch, gift card and thousands of products even holidays for as little as $1 in a beautifully designed mobile app  that changes your life forever. You get access to a completely new level of lifestyle in a form of a mobile application on both Android and iOS. This revolutionary new concept is called Crowdshopping brought to you by Allyos.


“Forget budget constraints, welcome to desire driven shopping”

– BuzzFeed –

100$ in your wallet is 100 products in your pocket

Why pay full price, when you can get it for $1?

Allyos gives you a totally new shopping experience and one thing for sure: the power to get anything for 1 USD. Anything and everything you see around you every day. Good news is, the solution is ready, the biggest game changer, the clearest and handiest designed Lifestyle system is here for everyone in a form of a magical mobile app. It is a never tried concept with several unique patents and with mind blowing features.

“You get the best possible deals, no matter what, guaranteed”

– –

How about this sport car for $1?

1 touch and 1 dollar is all you need.

The app ensures equal opportunity for every shopper to get in on a deal by blocking “in” users from adding more money for an hour on the same item. Regardless of how much money a shopper has to spare, everyone will enjoy an equal playing field and have the same opportunity to score on deals until they are on offer.

Not the winner? You get your discount.

The cheapest price is always guaranteed.

Any deal can be joined for $1 and even when you aren’t the one drawn, you’ll benefit from discounts starting at 2% and building up from there, collected in the app.

The LifeStyle App

The best and fastest way to a luxurious lifestyle. 

In Allyos, users simply “crowdfunding” the known everyday products, a very wide range of luxurious items and needs for life. With just $1 to opt-in on any deal, users have the potential to change their lifestyle forever. More thrilling than purchasing a $92,000 car for as little as a dollar?

“Allyos Combines Shopping bliss with philanthropy

 – Huffington Post –

1% goes to charity weekly

Giving and growing.

The life-changing benefits don’t stop at the purchaser. Allyos is dedicated to support, every week a new charity is chosen by Allyos users and 1% of total weekly sales is donated to the charity. With big-ticket items these organizations see thousands of dollars coming their way as a result of purchases made through the app.

“Trendy, Easy to use, Always in Your Hand, Simply a New Way of Life”

– –

1% goes to the users every week

Allyos Insight – Advanced. Source of income.

This is a revolutionary concept in hand, and you will quickly realize the unlimited and mind blowing possibilities, features and the advantages of this first Lifestyle Crowd. By using the app you can earn income, build a career, live luxuriously, help those in need, balance the economy, share the experience with your friends and gift them, support each other in the community, and even get Bitcoin without mining!


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