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Anything for a dollar

Introducing globally the world’s first product-backed crowdfunding mobile application with built-in charity, with some uniquely innovative and high-tech features.

Allyos mobile application gives you a totally new shopping experience and one thing for sure: the power to get anything for 1 USD. Ask yourself, what if anything can be yours for $1? Anything and everything you see around you every day. Have you ever thought about it? Sure you have, all of us have. Well, the good news, it is not a dream anymore! The biggest game changer, the clearest and handiest designed Lifestyle system is here for everyone in a form of a mobile application on both Android and iOS. It is a never seen, never tried, although well known concept, the luxurious, everyday products and brands-backed crowdsourcing platform, from now on called CROWDSHOPPING app with built in automatic Charity function. Finally the ideal win-win-win situation that the world has never seen but always wanted.

So, how about getting this BMW 428i Gran Coupe M Pack for $1?

Engine & Power 1997 ccm, 180 kW (245PS)
Transmission Steptronic M
Extras M Packet, Head Up Display, Pro Navi, etc.

I’m in!



"Alpha" tester team

“Addicted… in a good manner of course. I mean, why would anyone use any other ways, or the old shopping methods?”


Allyos is the most user friendly, tested platform right now. All you need to do is: get IN. That’s one touch.

We can’t make it any easier. Anything you see, you like or you have always wanted, simply touch the green “In” button in the app and here we go – you are in with 1 dollar from your balance and added to the set target price. You can see the current funded rate and you or anyone else who wants this item has a given time to fund its price. No overfunding. If the target price is completed in time, one funder will be raffled and notified. Do the rest of users just lose? No. Everyone else gets a discount voucher for the same product or within the same brand, so their money back. What if the item is not funded in time but you have participated? In this case the item is not sold and was not successful, target price is not 100%, it was not crowdsourced, so everyone gets the money back. Simple.

And how about getting this Apple iPhone 7 Plus for $1?

Display 5.5-inch Retina HD
Capacity 256GB
Camera 12 MP Wide-Angle and telephoto cameras




UK, insider

“Allyos is awesome. And finally something takes me away from Facebook. LOL. Can you imagine the feeling and craze of a person who gets his first Tesla S for $1?”


The Crowd is crown, and Allyos is the Crowd, for the Crowd, with the Crowd.

Now that we have created together with many of you the perfect and handiest product backed crowdsourcing mobile app, you can experience a new era. The strength is in numbers, the bigger the crowd is and the more people use the app, the faster the products sell. And because there are no ads in the app, finally you don’t get annoying pushes from manufacturers and companies, you and all the members dictate the trend and tell the world what the best and most wanted products are. Finding products is easy with the unique “Magic Button” even with some advanced search options, so all set to start using Time as our blockchain.

And how about giving $27.540 to your favorite charity with only $1 of yours?

I’m astonished!

Joe Panamera

Joe Panamera

CEO and Co-founder

“You cannot describe how it feels giving out and handling these huge amounts to finally people and organizations who really needs them, and can help and improve the most on our world.”


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